Harry Styles Dodges Beyoncé Question After Album of the Year Upset

Once again, Beyoncé lost the biggest Grammy. The man who won it punted on the subject in a post-show interview.

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Harry Styles Dodges Beyoncé Question After Album of the Year Upset
Photo:Styles: Francis Specker/CBS; Beyoncé: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for The Recording Academy (Getty Images)

It’s hard to feel bad for the most-awarded Grammy winner of all time, but it’s also hard to be existing on a Monday morning knowing that Beyoncé once again failed to nab the Album of the Year Grammy. Two things can be true at the same time! For those not keeping score, Sunday’s awards show found Bey nominated for the fourth time in the prestigious category—this year it was for her long-form ode to dance-music history Renaissance. She’d been previously nominated in the category for 2008’s I Am…Sasha Fierce, 2013’s BEYONCÉ, and 2016’s Lemonade. Given the cultural impact of Renaissance, including two hit singles, strong sales, and effusive reviews, it seemed like maybe this year was the year she’d win the big one.

But this was not that year. Instead, the successful and well-received third solo album from former One Direction singer Harry Styles, Harry’s House, won Album of the Year Sunday night. When Adele beat Beyoncé in the category during the 2017 ceremony, she lavished praise on Beyoncé, stopping just short of re-gifting the trophy to the artist that many thought rightfully deserved it. Styles did not. He kept things vague: “I’ve been so, so inspired by every artist in this category with me at a lot of different times in my life. I’ve listened to everyone in this category when I’m alone, and I think on nights like tonight, it’s obviously so important for us to remember that there is no such thing as best in music. I don’t think any of us sit in the studio making decisions based on what is going to get us one of these. This is really, really kind. I’m so, so grateful.”

You could hear someone yelling out, “Beyoncé!,” from the audience as Styles talked.

Curiously, Styles concluded his speech by stating, “This doesn’t happen to people like me very often.” People like him? Pop megastars? Actually, they do tend to win Album of the Year Grammys, and not just those Grammys, but Grammys in an array of other categories!

After the show, Styles was asked whether he, like many, thought Beyoncé had a lock on AOTY before his surprise win. Styles, again, was vague:

“You never know with this stuff,” he said. “I don’t think you can look at any of the nominees and not feel like they’re deserving. When I look at this category, it’s all people who’ve inspired me at different times. So it’s not like—you know, you would understand anyone winning. And yeah I’m really grateful that they chose us.” And then he shrugged and said, “Thank you.”

Shrug indeed.

Beyoncé, whose lateness to the ceremony was blamed on traffic (though she could hardly be faulted if she had dragged her feet before showing up to a show that…does her like this, regularly), did take home four trophies on Sunday: Best Dance/Electronic Recording for “Break My Soul,” and Best traditional R&B performance for “Plastic Off the Sofa,” Best R&B Song for “Cuff It,” and Best Dance/Electronic Music Album for Renaissance. That last award was televised. During her speech she thanked her Uncle Jonny, who provided inspiration on Renaissance and was previously described by Bey as “the most fabulous gay man I ever knew, who helped raise me and my sister.” She also thanked “the queer community for your love, and for inventing the genre.”

One of these years this final category will be Beyoncé’s. One of these years!!!

A palate cleanser: Here’s Joni Mitchell dancing to Latto’s “Big Energy” at Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammys party:

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  • A real headline on a Page Six “exclusive”: “Taylor Swift only one to dance during ex Harry Styles’ Grammys 2023 performance.” Thanks, all! [Page Six]
  • After losing in the Best R&B Album category, Chris Brown took to his Instagram stories to post the picture of the category’s winner, Robert Glasper, and ask, “Who da fuck is this?” He’s the man who just beat you, Chris. [Billboard]
  • People were furious that Aaron Carter was left out of the Grammys’ In Memoriam segment, but he was included in the tribute section of the physical program handed out to attendees of the ceremony. The select few can grieve privately. [People]
  • Ben Affleck looked like he didn’t want to be at the Grammys throughout the night, and who could really blame him? [Cosmo]
  • The BBC has apologized for showing a picture of newly crowned EGOT winner Viola Davis with the caption: “Beyoncé’s Big Night.” That’s…really fucking dumb! [Deadline]
  • Megan Fox said she had a broken wrist and concussion at a pre-Grammys party??? [Us Weekly]
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