Have You Heard? Sandra Bullock’s New Boyfriend Is, Like, Super Hot

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Psssssst, have you spoken to Sandy lately? Sandy B. Oh, me neither, but I heard from her friend’s friend, you know the one who’s always telling Us Weekly everything? Well she said that Sandy B. is dating some photographer and that she brought him to Jennifer’s wedding. Jennifer A. Yes! A photographer! And she said he’s super hot. Those are her words, not mine! I’m serious!

She said, and I quote:

“He’s super hot but also super normal. She’s clearly happy with him.”

Yeah I wanna meet him, too. Oh, duh, anyone’s better than Jesse. I never actually met him either but I heard he was a niiiiiiiiiiightmare. I mean, everyone saw it – by the end, at least. Do you think he looks sort of like him? Jesse and the photographer, I mean. Like, do you think this hot photographer is her type or do you think he’s like, a little…different looking. I don’t know, different!

Ugh whatever, you’re no fun. I’m just happy she’s happy again.

[Us Weekly]

Kanye West thinks his 2-year-old daughter North (Nori to her friends) is a precious miracle angel baby sent to him by God and Donda. He also thinks should be the highest paid star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

A source tells The Hollywood Life that West has “already informed Kim that if North’s going to be a regular on the show, then she needs to be paid more than all of Kim’s sisters and Kris [Jenner], 59! If not, it isn’t happening.”



Look at this very good correction about Rose McGowan’s age.

[NY Times]

  • Harry Connick Jr.’s 19-year-old daughter drank a little alcohol and also gave some other teens alcohol. [Us Magazine]
  • RFK Jr’s 19-year-old daughter was told by RFK Jr to “clean up” her Instagram account. [Page Six]
  • Look at these photos of FKA Bennifer 2.0 at Disney World. [Daily Mail]
  • Wilmer says the future of his relationship with Demi is “unseen and unpredictable,” which is sort of how In The Loop begins. [ONTD]
  • Karrueche Tran is really upset about Chris Brown FaceTiming with Rihanna. [THL]
  • Coming Soon: Taco Night at Karrueche’s. [YouTube]

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