Help Us All, Rihanna Might Be Launching a Lingerie Line


Lingerie made by Rihanna(‘s factory), designed by Rihanna, and sold to you by Rihanna will NOT make you look like Rihanna, but it’s bound to be hot as fuck!!

WWD reports that Rihanna has reportedly signed a deal with TechStyle Fashion Group to produce a lingerie line. No official launch date has been set, but per WWD’s sources, this line has been at least a year in the making and there are samples floating around out there, so guess what, chickies, it’s happening.

A word of caution for those already planning their lives around the drop: TechStyle Fashion Group also owns JustFab, which is the parent company of Kate Hudson’s cursed athleisure brand that engaged in shady marketing practices and unauthorized credit card charges, causing numerous customers to complain en masse. The former VP of Fabletics also filed a wrongful termination suit in 2016. Not saying that this has anything to do with Rihanna’s forthcoming lingerie line, but it is just something to keep in mind.

Naturally, a Rihanna-designed and endorsed lingerie line is a good thing to have in this cruel world, though it is a curious choice for a woman who appears to eschew brassieres every chance she gets. Will Rihanna-approved-and-designed bras actually be shirts? Will said theoretical t-shirts have the gentle, loving, hidden support of a bra? Maybe it’s just socks, or thongs, or chiffon robes. Maybe it’s everything! I’m ready!

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