Here's Channing Tatum Shaking His Junk at L.A.'s Pride Parade

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The only thing better than Magic Mike Channing Tatum shaking his junk in front of a fictional, film-cast crowd is Channing Tatum shaking his junk atop a float in front of a real, live crowd while tossing promotional trinkets for Magic Mike XXL.

Here he is dancing to ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine (which, seriously, is still such a good song).

Doing some sort of ice skating move to trap music.

Grabbing his junk and making a ‘Come fuck me’ face to some sexy song I’ve never heard because I’m old.


[Just Jared]

Speaking of sexy: let’s talk about Jennifer Lawrence’s new bodyguard, pictured here as our fair lady jets to some appointment or other in New York City. Seems as if most media outlets haven’t yet finished wiping their proverbial drool from the table while they speculate over her excellent taste in men; I figured I’d add a splash from Jezebel’s reserves. [Vanity Fair]

Lil Wayne “just signed a deal with his motherfucking idol Jay Z,” but that does not mean that 1. it’s the kind of deal that would necessarily mean Weezy would be represented under or by Hova; 2. Cash Money is toast (though there’s speculation that it’s headed that way, sadly); 3. this, uh, ‘outfit’ was a good choice.


Rihanna had dinner with a sexy futbol soccer player. Again. Let the speculation begin! [People]

•Every Mom Kate Middleton wore jeans to a polo match. [Us Weekly]

•If there’s a man who appreciates the effort that goes into a selfie, it’s Justin Bieber. [Daily Mail]

Karrueche Tran says charming ex-boyfriend Chris Brown won’t leave her alone otherwise (“forcing yourself into my car” and “my broken window” both sound equally alarming), so she’s setting the record straight the old-fashioned way: on Instagram. [Hollywood Life]

NPR thinks Iggy Azalea might have a comeback after her “celebrity 101” marriage to Nick Young. [NPR]

•Things one must stop trying to make happen: “fetch”; the name ‘South West’ for Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye West’s future baby. [E!]

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