Here's Every Time Linda Belcher Has Said 'All Riiiight' on Bob's Burgers


ALL RIIIIGHT, Vulture has put together this motivational video of every instance of Linda Belcher uttering her signature catchphrase. And if you’re feeling slow and sluggish this Saturday, you’re only going to need about thirty seconds of Linda gently shouting at you before you feel the urge to…do something. (For instance, after watching the video, I felt the urge to write this and post it for your viewing pleasure.)

This could actually be a really good business for John Roberts who voices the character: charge people for recordings of Linda urging them to do specific things such as cleaning the toilet or washing the dishes. I would pay at least ten dollars to have a recording of Linda saying “All RIIIIGHT, Mark! Time to get up and face the unavoidable loneliness of existence!” to use as my alarm.

Here’s the video:…

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