Here's Some TikTok Beef Involving Nickelodeon Star Lindsey Shaw

And in other news, Kim Cattrall is doing fine and Justin Bieber loves weed

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Here's Some TikTok Beef Involving Nickelodeon Star Lindsey Shaw
Image:Michael Tran (Getty Images)

Beautiful morning. Gorgeous day. Here’s some TikTok beef, centered around an actor I recognized only by face, to kick off Hump Day!!

Lindsey Shaw, who many outlets are identifying as the star* of something on Nickelodeon called Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, is in the midst of a self-cancellation after posting a TikTok mocking one of the viral dances created by Black creators. Though she has scrubbed the video from her own personal page, PopCrave has done us the favor of preserving it and the subsequent tearful apology in one easy-to-watch video, below:

The apology functions as a non-apology—a “sorry you were offended” moment is a defense and not an actual apology. But, as is standard by now, Shaw did her tears on her Instagram story, and proclaimed that she is taking a break from social media. One of her other co-stars on this Nickelodeon program, Devon Werkheiser, who made a video featuring this trend and was praised by Shaw, said that his co-star was in the wrong, and pointed out that instead of just saying she was sorry, she shot from the hip by getting defensive.

“Lindsey [made] a very unnecessary video hating on the most popular trend on TikTok that happens to be created by Black creators, and getting rather reactionary and defensive in her comment section before deleting the video.”

Honestly, the only thing TikTok is good for (for me) is workout routines that I’ll never actually do, and food videos from this one Italian woman who has a very big kitchen and makes vats of lasagna and eggplant parm. I’m clearly not the primary audience for TikTok because, by the app’s standards, I’m one foot in the grave. However, as this tiny blip of a drama proves, it is a great tool for celebrities who used to be more famous than they are now to use to drum up publicity that they might not have otherwise had. So congrats are in order to Lindsey Shaw, who might have starred on that Nickelodeon program, but is best known to me and maybe others for her evil turn as Paige in Pretty Little Liars. She’s in the papers, now, honey! She’s made it. [Entertainment Weekly]

Kim Cattrall is not one of the women being photographed in and around New York City in a number of confounding outfits, because she happily excused herself from that mess and is thriving. What’s she doing?

Seems like…. nothing! Living life! We could spend maybe 10 to 15 minutes figuring out what she means by #nasa as the caption for this photograph, but my reading is that maybe she either wants to go to space or has the Instagram habits of an auntie. Either explanation works for me. [Instagram]

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