Here's Your Chance to Own a Holy Relic of Margaret Thatcher, If You're Into That

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Here's Your Chance to Own a Holy Relic of Margaret Thatcher, If You're Into That

If, for some inexplicable reason, you are a Margaret Thatcher superfan and reading this website, I’m about to make your day: Christie’s is auctioning off a bunch of her personal effects, largely related to her time at 10 Downing Street.

It’s the third and final sale in a series. They’ve got a navy blue “lizard” handbag, perfect for displaying in your study and making jokes about cold-blooded political calculations. They’ve got a trio of chiffon evening gowns. They’ve got a schedule of her last day in office, which of course started bright and early at 7:45 with some sprucing of that helmet hair. Sadly, it does not appear to include this sweater, which she wore to apparently wore to promote Britain’s staying in the European Common Market:


But they do have jewelry she wore routinely, as Christie’s explains in an accompanying article:

The attractive 18 carat gold and amethyst ring, below, was another of Mrs. Thatcher’s favourites, having been chosen for her by her children. Together with the pebble bracelet and pearl necklace it formed her ‘uniform’ jewellery — pieces that appear in most photographs of her at the height of her career, including the one with Nelson Mandela, above, and others taken on election days, at treaty signings and at the dispatch box. Clearly treasured, they remained a staple for the rest of her life.

They are extremely mid 1960s. A beautiful gift for the union-buster in your life.


“In May 2019, Christie’s third and final sale in this trilogy of auctions coincides with the 40th anniversary of Mrs Thatcher’s historic election, offering collectors, admirers and enthusiasts with one last chance to bid for a memento of ‘The Iron Lady,’” Adrian Hume-Sayer, Christie’s director and specialist of private collections, told the Telegraph.

Alternatively, you could buy a bunch of it and host a bonfire. Your call!

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