Hillary Clinton Endorses Andrew Cuomo for Governor, Which Means She Does Not Endorse Cynthia Nixon


We haven’t heard a ton from Hillary Clinton in the way of political endorsements since the election, which was either, like, six months ago or three years ago, I can never remember. But a spokesperson for the former Secretary of State confirmed to the New York Times that Clinton is endorsing Andrew Cuomo in the upcoming race for New York governor. Oh!

Cuomo, who worked for former president Bill Clinton’s administration in the ‘90s, has been governor for nearly eight years. Some might say he is doing an OK job. Some—oh, I don’t know who—might not say this!

From the Times:

Mrs. Clinton is expected to break her virtual hiatus from the campaign trail this week, when she will endorse Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York in a contested Democratic primary, her spokesman, Nick Merrill, confirmed — a move sure to enrage liberal activists seeking Mr. Cuomo’s ouster at the hands of Cynthia Nixon, the actress turned progressive insurgent.[…]
In New York, where Mrs. Clinton is popular and Mr. Cuomo needs help mainly with fellow Democrats, she intends to deliver her endorsement publicly, at a state party convention on Long Island.

Which candidate do you think is representative of where the Democratic Party needs to go at this point in history? Cuomo or, someone who, perhaps, recognizes that marijuana decriminalization is a justice issue? Or who believes that New York state has an imperative to look out for students and give school districts better funding, challenging Cuomo’s policies when it come to the state budget? Or who hates New York City’s wack-ass subways and knows who’s responsible for the system’s disrepair? Hmm, jeez… hard to say.

Guess there’s no way to know, really!

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