Housework: Are You More Like A Fifties Wife Or A Fifties Husband About It?


It’s apparently unofficial International Housework Week, because like literally every media outlet has run stories on housework — it’s liberating! it leads to respiratory diseases! It’s a college major! it’s a dying art! — so Anna’s making me do a post on it. Which, well… to quote my roommate: “You? Housework? What do you know about housework??” And you know, I like to to think of myself as a cluttered-but-clean person, so I ran into my room (the only place in the apartment untouched by her tendencies to “VirGo Crazy” as they put it) and wiped as much crap off the floors — including under the bed! — and other dust-inclined surfaces and yielded, I’m slightly ashamed to say, a clump of nastiness Anna made me put after the jump.

Okay, so I’m totally her husband. Though in my defense, her cat seems to prefer my room. (And also: this job.) Anyway, here’s today’s pointless poll: does this look bad to you? And what’s the point of being so clean all the time, anyway? And related: what is with the cult of the magic eraser?

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