How Indian Women Fight Harassment


Here are the tools with which Indian women are fighting street harassment: blogs, brooms, canes (while dressed in pink). Take your pick!

The New York Times describes the various movements of Indian women against sexual assault and harassment on the streets, including the pink-clad vigilantes of the Gulabi Gang (whom we wrote about here). Blank Noise is a more non-violent approach, inviting women to share their stories on various platforms, participate in marches, actions, and workshops — and create visual representations of the problem.

We love their poll on what women happen to be wearing when they’ve been harassed. School uniform, you say? You were asking for it. Here are some more favorites.

Blank Noise [Official Site]
Fighting For Safe Passage On Indian Streets [NYT]

Earlier: “Sometimes We Have To Take The Law In Our Hands”: Pink Ladies Fight For Rights

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