How Many Hours of Your Life Are You Wasting on TV Binge-Watching?


There really is no better way to consume television than a good new-fashioned binge-watch. Personally, I like to save up a show for many, many seasons and then BANG IT ALL OUT IN ONE WEEKEND. I watched four seasons of Parks & Rec when I had my wisdom teeth out, and I swear that shit should be prescribed right along with the Vicodin. (Other favorite TV binge-watches have included Alias, LOST, and the first 10 seasons of Degrassi: TNG.)

But just how much of your life are you squandering with each marathon? The folks at Nielsen compiled this handy infographic:

Apparently, to watch all of Battlestar Galactica, it only takes two days and nine hours! Which is weird, because when I tried to marathon that sucker it felt like TWO LIFETIMES AND NINE MILLENNIA. (I’ll finish you someday, bb.)

Lede image via Gabi Moisa/Shutterstock; other image republished from Nielsen Top Ten.

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