How To Dress Yourself After You Dress The Turkey


There’s no one way to dress for Thanksgiving, but there are a few things to keep in mind!

As holidays go, Thanksgiving is an easy one. It’s not New Year’s Eve fancy, or holiday festive, and it doesn’t call for a costume. At plenty of gatherings, you can just roll up in jeans. But most of the time, it’s an occasion where you want to look respectable…yet have plenty of room to gorge. Because on turkey day, comfort is the name of the game.

Wear Something Loose.
I’m not saying you’re gearing up for competitive eating, but it’s a day centered around a meal — and sitting — so let’s be realistic. While real die-hards probably go for stretchy pants, and empire-dresses certainly are easy on the waistline, for most of us, just wearing something relatively soft or stretchy will do the trick. For the past few years I have gone with this one navy sweater-dress, and it’s a real workhorse.

Avoid Belts!
Two things I can advise from experience: DO NOT wear a tight waist belt (at least one that can’t be altered) or high-waisted trousers. Believe me, you’ll just be uncomfortable.

When in Doubt, Dresses Are Good.

Seriously, unless you’re someone who Never Wears Dresses, they’re by far the easiest. Throw on a dress and some tights, boots or heels (depending on the dressiness of the occasion) and you’re good to go. Eliminates the “waistband issue,” too. If you don’t know the dressiness quotient, a dress can go either way and looks like you’re making an effort. Something adjustable, like a wrap dress, is also a good option. Bonus: easy to pack if you’re traveling.

Err on the Side of Conservatism.

Or not, depending on the crowd. But if we’re talking family, you don’t want to have to worry about anyone leering at your cleavage or a baby cousin sticking her hand down your top. Seriously.

Make Sure You Can Sit in It
I’m not just talking literal sitting — although you certainly want a skirt or pants that allows for this — but neckline-wise. Remember: things get lower when you’re sitting and you don’t want to have to worry about this. Believe me, she said significantly. A camisole or a slip can save you a lot of grief.

If You’re Cooking, Go For Prints
They cover a multitude of sins. Also good if you’re planning to spill gravy and/or pie on your person in the course of the evening.

If There’s a Critical Jerk She’s Going to Be a Critical Jerk

And it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. Every family has one. It’s not you.

For all of our handy Dress Code guides, go here.

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