How to Get Away with Murder's Last Scene Was All It Was Promised to Be

Professor Annalise Keating discovered her husband’s secret in the worst way possible on Thursday night’s episode of Hot to Get Away with Murder. Not a good way at all.

In the beginning of “A New Client,” we’re still trying to figure out who killed Sam and why Keating’s students are burying him. In the meantime, Rebecca is charged for the murder of Lila Stangard and Wes is playing superhero trying to save her. The cell phone he found in her apartment belongs to Lila and has a bit of potential evidence on it, so he brings it to Annalise and that’s when the drama unfolds.

The promo warned us that Annalise’s last nine words in the episode would be shocking. In the powerful final scene, Viola Davis’ character sits at a mirror and starts removing her facade, layer by layer: wig (wow), foundation, fake eyelashes. After her husband Sam enters the room, she barely flinches, holding up the phone that features a photo of his dick and calmly asking him, “Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?” No possible logical response to that.

Now Annalise is about to raise hell after being presented with this pretty damning evidence that Sam cheated. Did Annalise set up her husband’s murder? Did Lila’s boyfriend get to him first? How are the students involved? How does one get away with murder??

Sidebar: Applause to Elizabeth Perkins in her entertaining role as Marren Trudeau, a CEO framed for insider trading.

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