Hugh Hefner’s Son Spent $100,000 of His OnlyFans Profits on Pokémon Cards

"It kind of made me die inside," Marston Hefner's wife, Anna Lambropoulos, told Page Six. "It’s just so much money!"

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Hugh Hefner’s Son Spent $100,000 of His OnlyFans Profits on Pokémon Cards
Marston Hefner with his dad in 2011. Photo:Getty Images

Inflation is rising and the economy is in the tank. Who amongst us hasn’t joked about starting an OnlyFans to up our cash flow and support our spending habits?! However, to make any sort of serious money on the platform, it takes a talent and dedication that I certainly do not possess. But it seems that Marston Hefner, son of Playboy playboy Hugh Hefner, does.

Earlier this summer, Marston told Page Six he’d started an OnlyFans to support his collector habits. Specifically, he wanted to save up to buy Pokémon cards and comic books. His bio on the platform reads “bisexual A. i do my best to go through life with love.”

Well, throw a party and invite Suze Orman because, in a more recent interview with Hefner’s wife Anna Lambropoulos, it seems he’s reached his financial goals.

According to Page Six, Hefner purchased a “Disco” Holo Shadowless Charizard Pokémon card for $40,000, a CGC 2 “Disco” Holo Shadowless Blastoise Pokémon card for $10,000 and a CGC 5.0 “Amazing Fantasy 15 Spider-Man” comic book for $50,000. That’s $100k in geek gear, baby! Also, I had no idea Pokémon cards were going for that much… Hefner explained that ultimately his plan is to flip the cards and comic book to make a profit when we’re out of our mini recession.

While she’s supportive of his choice to be on OnlyFans, it seems like Lambropoulos isn’t thrilled with how the money is being spent. “It kind of made me die inside,” she told Page Six. “It’s just so much money! I think it’s a volatile investment. I think it’s frivolous to spend money that way.”

Hefner said his OnlyFans income is a way to supplement the inheritance he received from his father and his wife’s salary as an environmental project manager.

He does seem to have a pretty healthy approach to sex work, despite all of the handwringing that folks do over the fact that he’s now a dad. (The couple welcomed a baby boy in July.) “People get upset that I’m a sex worker and a dad, which is like, I guess porn stars and people who pose nude can’t be parents?” he told Page Six. “So [parents] can watch sex workers and masturbate to them, but you’re not allowed to be one and be a parent? It doesn’t make sense.”

Sure doesn’t! Glad he’s making a little extra money for the fam!

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