Hunger Games Theme Parks Are Coming and You Can't Stop Them


The execs at Lionsgate, the studio that brought The Hunger Games to theaters, are still working diligently to create theme parks based on the world. Because nothing says “family fun” like teenagers forced by a decadent totalitarian government to fight to the death!

That’s according to Hypeable, picking up a snippet from the company’s most recent earnings call:

“During the quarter, we also continued to extend The Hunger Games franchise into new lines of business,” he told investors. “In addition to the mobile game partnership and The Hunger Games traveling museum we announced on the last call, we’re deep into conversations with prospective partners on 4 continents to explore theme park attractions and other location-based entertainment opportunities.”

This is not surprising, considering The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is making a kajillion dollars (rough estimate) for Universal. The question is what they’re going to base the rides and attractions on. Harry Potter has set pieces like Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, Gringotts Bank, hippogriffs, etc., etc. The Hunger Games is, of course, mostly about misery and sadness. The Capitol Clothing and Cosmetics Emporium ought to be pretty sweet, though.

Image via AP.

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