I Desperately Need Lil Nas X's Diaphanous Victorian Ghost Blouse

I Desperately Need Lil Nas X's Diaphanous Victorian Ghost Blouse
Screenshot:GLAAD (Other)

The 31st Annual GLAAD Media Awards took place Thursday night, virtually, and because it was the GLAAD Media Awards and not something stuffy like the Critics’ Choice Awards or whatever, celebs brought their A-game from the comfort of their vacation homes and Calabasas McMansions (or so I can only assume). It’s a real shame that Billy Porter was robbed of the opportunity to stunt on a red carpet like he’s Rihanna at the Met Gala, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t a lot of glorious fits to check out and then spend hours trying to locate dupes for online. (Just me?) Case in point: Lil Nas X’s diaphanous Victorian ghost blouse.

The rapper won the award for Outstanding Music Artist and appeared on screen in a sheer white top with horizontal, opaque modesty panels and baby doll dress silhouette. The real star is the higher-than-heaven ruffled turtle neck and dramatic lettuce hem sleeves around his wrists. I’ve never loved something I could never pull off more.

It’s also a wholesome alternative to the sheer black Gucci top Harry Styles wore to the 2019 Met Gala alongside Alessandro Michele. Styles is often celebrated for his androgynous, David Bowie-channeling fits, but props should be awarded to Lil Nas X for executing similar looks in his own unique way. I mean, he came out of the gate in neon queer cowboy suits, one of the very few famous people to get the “yeehaw agenda” thing right. That style evolving into this tantalizing top simply makes sense. I hope this signifies a new era of Steve Nicks-but-make-it-négligée fashion and music, too. You know, a girl can dream.

Until then, I need answers: who is the designer? I assume I can’t afford that shit, so where can I get a knock-off? Please, fellow fashion fanatics, lead to me to salvation in the comments below.

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