I Remain Puzzled by Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston's Matching Date-Night Shirts

I Remain Puzzled by Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston's Matching Date-Night Shirts
Image: (Backgrid)

Jeff Goldblum and his wife Emilie Livingston were photographed wearing matching half-floral, half-Hawaiian print Prada button-ups, paired with a shock of white bottoms. Some questions: How did this happen? Was it by chance, the kind of pure coincidence that happens when two people are deeply in love but also share impeccable style? Or did they discuss beforehand? Surely, there must have been some… discussion? These questions will haunt me until I know.

The shirts fit them nicely; both have fun, flowing sleeves, while Livingston’s has a wider collar. But while there are plenty of differences between their two outfits (Goldblum is wearing a hat, Livingston is wearing pumps), no amount of accessories can hide the fact that they look like two servers on a cruise ship who just got off work and can finally hold hands.


I will never know the real story behind this choice—but the photo itself offers some clues. The shirts differ in both fit and proportion, so they must both wearing their own shirts, and not just borrowing an extra from their partner. Maybe they both just acquired the same print and realized while they were getting ready before dinner, in what I imagine is their joint, palatial, walk-in closet. “Haha!” One of them says to each other smiling. “We have to do this. Right? Right.”

But the coordinated white pants/shorts are what really gets me. That is a choice. Thankfully, it’s a choice that saves them from otherwise looking like massive dorks. The summer whites offer some much needed relief from the seriousness of the Prada shirts, and make me think these two have a hearty sense of humor. The white pant is such a strong look, regardless of how it’s styled, that to wear it is always intentional. These guys know what they’re doing. They have eyes.

Unfortunately, it’s this very sense of self that makes Goldblum and Livingston look very cool together, despite—as I mentioned—looking like volunteers at bingo night on a retirement home. I wish the two of them nothing but happiness.

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