Idiot Wants to Abolish Food Stamps Because No One Is THAT Hungry


Have you ever met a person who says something so backwards that you have to double check to make sure they even knew what they said? Meet Forbes columnist John Tamny, who told Jessica Williams of The Daily Show that he’d abolish food stamps and create something like food stamps all in the same interview.

But wait, there’s more. Tamny also said there aren’t any people who are “literally starving” in America because if there were, the media would cover it. How did this guy miss that Matt Damon commercial or this entire New York Times series on the city’s homeless? Anyway, then Jessica brought up The Hunger Games, you know, that fictitious futuristic movie where the rich watch as poor children fight to survive, but obviously this dude didn’t see where she was going with it.

Elsewhere, The Atlantic published a chart detailing the difference in overall food spending between American families with and without government aid. Ultimately, those on food benefits like SNAP end up spending about $3,000 less per year on food, which breaks down to $34 per person, per week.

Watch the sheer John Tamny foolishness below:

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