If You Have a Ton of Facebook Friends, You Stay at This Hotel for Free

Do you remember a few years back when Jimmy Kimmel started encouraging people to delete their surplus Facebook friends? Because, let’s face it, none of those 3,567 people you “friended” because they went to your college (or were fake Facebook friends with your college buds) are actually your friends. Turns out, doing that might have cost you a pretty cool freebie.

According to the Mirror, the Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm wants to recruit social media ballers to stay at their hotel (presumably people who will stay at their fancy hotel will talk it up and give them free promotion via their zillions of fake friends online). A typical room costs about $360 and it sure looks a lot nicer than the typical Motel 6 I usually stay in when I travel. If you have 2,000 friends on Facebook a fan page with 100,000 followers, the hotel will set you up for free in one of their rooms. The embarrassment of admitting you are probably dead broke financially but have a enough Facebook friends to use for a hotel room is also totally free but will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Hey, but don’t worry. If your Facebook friends page is a vast wasteland of empty dreams and broken promises, you might still be able to get a smaller discount, according to the Mirror.

100,000 fans = 100 % off
2,000 private friends = 100 % off
1,500 private friends = 15 % off
1,000 private friends = 10 % off
500 private friends = 5 % off

Did you spontaneously delete Facebook after one too many Marine Todd memes started showing up on your feed? No worries! The hotel will still give you a discount if you’re hot stuff on Instagram:

100,000 followers = 100 % off
15,000 followers = 15 % off
10,000 followers = 10 % off
5,000 followers = 5 % off

The Mirror actively encourages you to start asking your Facebook friends to ask their Facebook friends to friend you and you’ll have 2,000 followers in no time. But I know you’re better than that.

Image via Nordic Light Hotel.

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