Indians Are Protesting with #kissoflove to Kiss in Public


Like making out with your boo in public? Is ‘Get a room!’ hurled at you frequently? Well, count your blessings: your kissing shenanigans are illegal in India, a country where strict anti- PDA laws have spurred public kissing protests.

A viral campaign called #kissoflove spread across Facebook recently after organizers told CNN they tired of their community’s “moral policing.” To prove it, protestors took to the streets to rally for their right to tongue each other down in plain view … and then they were arrested. Conservatives who think that kissing in public is immoral held their own anti-kissing protest, probably shouting ‘Get a room!’

It might seem comical, arguing over what one can do with one’s own face, but in October some anti-kiss extremists were so vexed by PDA that they vandalized a shop because the news reported people were kissing inside; the smoochers weren’t even there when the PDA-police trashed the place. In parts of India, the kiss debate is a pretty big deal. Remember that when you’re wincing at those strangers nearly humping each other on your way home from work.

Image via Facebook.

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