Inexplicably Sexy Costuming At Sundance


It’s early days at Sundance, and as usual we’re seeing the unique mix of stars, winter-wear, and inappropriate sexiness!

The great Harry Belafonte keeps it dapper.

Lake Bell: Mary Anne Spier on top, Stacey McGill on the bottom.

Maria Menounos employs a popular means of attempting cold-weather glam: the fur or faux-fur. (This is the basic alternative to the “I’m rugged” costume.)

Exhibit B: Alicia Beed.

Or there’s the “lalala it’s not negative ten degrees out there I can’t hear you” approach, as modeled by Natalie White.

Or kind of do that, but break down and add some concession, like a boot – a la Katarina Cas.

Or you know, just do this. Never appropriate and so, by some twist of logic, kind of always appropriate, too.

[Images via Getty]

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