Insure Your Marriage, Because A Prenup Isn't Enough


Tired of scrolling through gift registries? For that pragmatic couple who has everything, why not get them something more lasting? Enter the inevitable Divorce Insurance., which launched last month, is the brainchild of John Logan, a North Carolina entrepreneur who, yes, had weathered a costly split. Describes Time, WedLock is

a new type of casualty insurance that gives the unhappily married policyholder a payout after he or she is unhitched. It costs about $16 a month for every $1,250 of coverage. But to discourage people from signing up just prior to their divorce, policyholders must ante up for four years before the policy will pay out. It adds a premium of $250 per unit for every year the marriage survives beyond four. So if a policyholder who bought 10 units got divorced after 10 years, he or she would have handed over $19,188 and would receive a payout of $27,500.

In other words, more a palliative than an incentive. For those who find this notion unspeakably pessimistic, it’s worth remembering that the whole concept of insurance kind of hinges on “worst-case-scenario” thinking. (That said, the words “There’s no time like the present to think about your future” superimposed over a be-ringed finger, is somewhat depressing — since “the present” appears to be the moment of exchanging vows.) And if, as the creator suggests to Time, he expects it’ll merely be used in addition to prenups, well, you’re already taking off the rose-colored specs. Indeed, it might be said to be made for the party who benefits least from said prenup!

What is horrifying is this: in addition, he says, it could be a great wedding gift for those making terrible choices! “Mom or Dad could buy this for their son or daughter without them knowing about it,” he suggests. Because that “I told you so” will be exactly the surprise a heartbroken spouse will want! The anonymity, at least, is better than the alternative — which is to say, a surefire way to cast a damper over someone’s special day.

WedLock Divorce Insurance

Divorce Insurance: Get Unhitched, Get A Payout

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