Internet Thanks Dude Who Stopped Seattle Shooter, Pays for Honeymoon


Last Thursday, the west coast was the setting of yet another tragedy at the hands of a shooter. Suspect Aaron Ybarra allegedly opened fire at Seattle Pacific University, in an attack that left three wounded and one dead. But as the shooter reloaded his shotgun to continue, 22-year-old student and building monitor Jon Meis pepper-sprayed and tackled the gunman in a selfless and brave act that brought the terror to a halt. In recognition of the heroic deed, friends and strangers alike found a pretty wonderful way to show him gratitude.

Meis is set to get married in just a couple weeks on June 21. He and his fiancé’s Target and Crate & Barrel registries were available online, and totally random strangers from around the world have been buying gifts listed on the registries. As of yesterday, every item listed had been purchased for them. But people didn’t stop there. Jessamyn McIntyre, a producer for ESPN Seattle created a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the couple’s honeymoon on, with a goal of $5,000. So far it has raised over $12,000.

Neither Jon Meis nor his fiancé asked for or expected any of this. In fact, Meis requested for people to respect his privacy after the shooting. But this is such a heart-warming acknowledgment of a truly brave deed. Good work, internet.

Image via Gofundme.

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