Is This the Un-Retouched Photo of Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Shoot?


A blog claims to have the unretouched version of Justin Bieber’s probably not sexy Calvin Klein photo spread.

BreatheHeavy says a tipster contacted them with the images. According to the blog, their tipster also claims Bieber tried and failed to hit on model Lara Stone during the shoot:

He was basically a douche. He hit on Lara several times and she had to stop him, basically calling him out on being just a child… Bieber specified he wanted to look “taller and buff.” Bigger bulge implied.

There is plenty of speculation that Bieber that this laughably bulgey crotch bulge is the work of padding, Photoshop or Belieber witchcraft. In our professional opinion: the “unretouched” photo looks fake as hell (his head seems enormous). Here’s a short clip from BreatheHeavy that shows the side-by-side comparison:

Meanwhile, in a post TMZ has artfully headlined “Justin Bieber— Calvin Klein’s Happy Trail of LIES!!!”, the gossip slinger points out that in raw video of the shoot, Bieber’s happy trail appears meager, but in the final photos, it’s much more robust.

Image via BreatheHeavy Instagram.

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