It's Entirely Possible That Jennifer Lawrence Is Getting Married in a Mansion Full of Party Ghosts

It's Entirely Possible That Jennifer Lawrence Is Getting Married in a Mansion Full of Party Ghosts

Rumors suggest Regular American Girl Jennifer Lawrence is indeed tying the knot at a mansion in Newport, home of the lavish “summer cottages” built by Rhode Island’s slave traders and titans of industry. The venue, the 40,000-square foot Belcourt of Newport, was designed by architect Richard Morris Hunt and once owned by a family considered rather guache by the local gentry: Ruth Tinney, a former owner, reportedly added “unsophisticated” details to the front gate and, even worse, took up with her 30-year-old plumber, at the time 40 years her junior. Jezebel salutes Tinney for leaning in.

Through the ‘90s the “castle” in which Lawrence is rumored to wed a fake-sounding person named “Cooke Maroney” was the scene of some truly hedonistic stuff: a regular “no underwear allowed” party, for instance, which drew more than 800 guests. The site is also, allegedly, haunted. One would hope the spirits predate the cocaine-fueled ragers the mansion was once known for. According to the home’s current owner, the vibes are strong:

“There were energies and entities, some not pleasant. I had a shaman perform ceremonies. We did a major cleansing, energy-wise. There was a lot of heaviness, but we took care of that. Now the house has a different vibration.”


Kim Kardashian is not buying this nonsense about CBD being a fake remedy with no known medical or psychological benefits: The law student and long-suffering wife of Kanye West is apparently a fan. “I started taking CBD, and it really changed things for me,” she says. In an interview, Kardashian says her self-care routine includes CBD gummies along with rich-person staples like spa weekends and facials. In April, she apparently hosted a CBD-themed baby shower for buddies like Chrissy Teigan, welcoming baby Psalm into the world with CBD massages and some kind of crystal tea ceremony. As you can see, it was extremely chill:


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A previous version of this story misidentified a Jonas brother. How could we?

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