It's Probably Not Obama's Bowling Skills That Need Sharpening

  • Barack Obama on Leno last night claimed to bowl like a Special Olympian. I once bowled a zero (true story). Special Olympians bowl better than I do, and I know it. Obama should, too. [Politico]
  • He’s sorry about saying that, by the way. [Huffington Post]
  • He’s taking a slightly different message to the Iranian streets, telling them that he seeks engagement and mutual respect. The Iranian government politely told him to piss off. [BBC]
  • Speaking of excretory functions, Congressman Steve LaTourette spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about what Obama’s and Geithner’s sphincters sound like. Eproctophiliac at ten o’clock! [Huffington Post]
  • LaTourette is, naturally, all juiced about the AIG bonuses, which the House voted yesterday to tax at 90 percent. For a $1 million dollar bonus, that would mean they’d keep $100,000 — which is still more than most Americans made last year. [NY Times]
  • Remember how Ron Wyden wanted to know who stripped his bonus-reduction legislation from the bailout package in conference committee? Yeah, well, it turns out it was Democratic Senator Chris Dodd. [NY Times]
  • And while they’re all carping and moaning about the bonuses, AIG quietly filed a lawsuit for get $306 million in tax payments back from the U.S. Treasury (and spending taxpayer money to do so!). [NY Times]
  • But we could probably shoot down a North Korean missile if we wanted, so, neener neener neener. [Washington Post]
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