J.Crew's Openly Gay Designer Threatens America's Moral Fiber


The rabid culture warriors over at J. Crew are at it again. Now they’re taking the staggering step of not ignoring the existence of their gay employees. Next they’ll be letting the gays into fashion—or male modeling.

ABC News reports that a recent J. Crew catalog with employees modeling its clothing includes two gentlemen labeled, “Our designer Somsack and his boyfriend, Micah.” Gay rights advocates applaud this as a low-key, normalizing move, which it is. J. Crew wisely declined comment.

If only it were possible to calmly take note of this without declaring the company to be “at the center of gay economics” in the headline. Or a caption reading, “J. Crew’s new catalog includes an explicit ad of a same-sex couple.” And by explicit, they mean a man is literally at arms length, squeezing the bicep of another man. This is the same as that Speedo gyrating that Carl Paladino warned us about, right? It’s almost an invitation for the real culture warriors to swoop in and start pontificating about the decline of heterosexuals, one slim-fitting khaki pants pair at a time.

J. Crew At Center Of Gay Economics With Openly Gay Model [ABC News]
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