Jane Fonda Really Got Under Megyn Kelly's Skin

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In September 2017, Megyn Kelly had a strained, awkward interaction with her guest Jane Fonda. Kelly asked the actor why she had said in a previous interview that she wasn’t proud to admit to getting some plastic surgery work done, and Fonda expressed her displeasure at the question, quickly changing the subject.

That’s it, end of not-so-bad confrontation! It’s a talk show and this definitely qualifies as talking!

And yet the incident has clearly haunted Kelly. (The two have been sparring in the press over this exchange for the past year.) In an interview with Us Weekly on Wednesday, the host revealed she had a single (just one!!) regret about her first year of filmed chit-chat on Today, and it was this: “I certainly wish I hadn’t put on Jane Fonda. That didn’t go well!”

Kelly went on “[Fonda] answered that question in about 40 different forums. It was nothing wrong with me. And she’s answered it in 40 more forums since!” She then said she believed Fonda’s real issue was with being interviewed by a former Fox News host. “I think the issue was somebody who used to work at Fox News was asking it of her that particular day. There’s nothing I can do about that. I know some people don’t like Fox News, and some people don’t like me and that’s OK.”

Well then! Sounds like Kelly has had some psychic work done and is now in a much more confident, forgiving, and *constructively* bitter place! I consider this a win-win. After all, there are few greater endorsements of a person than Megyn Kelly actively disliking them.

[Us Weekly]

Time for a very different sort of anniversary.

Take a load off, don’t think about the tyranny of American governance for a mere moment, enjoy this lovingly memorialized foot rub.

[E! News]

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