Jane Lynch Sings About Nachos: A Few Highlights From SNL


Last night’s SNL was okay. I wish I had higher praise than that, but really, it was totally fine. Though host Jane Lynch did a great job, everything else was kind of meh. But let’s focus on the bright spots!

Unfortunately, the opening sketch with Nasim Pedrad playing a fame-hungry and brutally honest Gloria Allred in Ask Gloria Allred was sort of a mixed bag. While I think Pedrad did a good job, some of the lines felt a little easy and ultimately not funny.

I should probably admit right now that I’m super biased when it comes to Jane Lynch. I just love her. Though I’m not a huge Glee fan, Lynch is great as Sue (and as every other character she’s ever played). I think it’s some sort of tall-person nepotism, but there you go. Anyway, Lynch was beautiful and funny and charming in her monologue—even if I didn’t fully appreciate all the Glee jokes.

Older Woman With Hilarious Sexual Desires is not exactly a new role for Lynch, but with Andy Samberg playing her awkward son, this sketch was actually pretty funny. Not to mention that Jason Sudeikis is adorable with bedhead, so that was an unexpected plus.

The digital short is usually my favorite part of SNL, but this one was just awful. Lynch played a predatory therapist trying out an “experimental” relaxation technique on her client, Andy Samberg. Usually they skits are sort of darkly funny, but this was just plain creepy. The final shot felt unnecessary and gross. Not in a gross she’s naked way, but more of a sexual assault isn’t exactly hilarious way. The New Boyfriend Talk Show worked mainly because it stayed light and silly, while this went dark and disturbing—too dark and disturbing.
However, I really enjoyed the Sunday Night Football sketch. Jane Lynch singing about nachos? Yes, please!
Overall, I would give the show a good, solid B. It was fun, but not their best work (aside from the Sunday Night Football, which was amazing). Of course, the bar has been lowered in recent years, so we’ve got to take that into account. What say you, readers? Is a B too high – or did last night’s episode exceed all your expectations?

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