Jason Statham Reading Oprah's Favorite Things Is Perfect


Benevolent overlord Oprah has bestowed upon the world her annual list of Favorite Things, just in time for the winter solstice (that time of year when the barrier between the spiritual world and the world of mortals grows very thin, and all of the ghosts yell “IIIIIIITTTT’S OOOOPPPRRAAAAH!” at once in their otherworldly timbre). This year, Oprah’s favorite things exist on a spectrum, from “whimsical stocking stuffer” to “over-the-top indulgence.” Let us have action hero Jason Statham read some of them to us.

In this clip, Jimmy Fallon forces Statham — famous for being a manly human who stars in movies with aggressive monosyllabic names such as “Snatch,” “Crank” and “Blitz” — to wax poetic about Ugg boots and say words like “luscious” and “truffle-tastic.” Although the man squirms in the intervals, his delivery is breathtaking.

“I want to slip some [truffle cheese] into the next love sandwich I make for Stedman.” — Jason Statham, 2013.

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