Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Might Already Be Married?

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And we weren’t invited? In the words of the immortal (hopefully) Stephanie Tanner: How rude!

Here’s the sketchy details that may or may not (leaning) true:

The place is called Pippin Hills Farm – you can see the site here. CB called them and they only confirmed that they couldn’t comment when asked about a recent VIP wedding. The venue has something called “winery weddings” so that part of it (side-eye) seems legit to me, at least from what I know about Jennifer’s boozehound ways. Jennifer might have heard “wine” and the only question she asked was “They serve mojitos too right?” Our tipster heard the gossip from “the designer who worked with the caterer.”
As vague as this tip is, I got a very strong feeling when I called the winery that something was up. I said to the woman who answered the phone “I heard you hosted a VIP wedding recently. Is this correct? You don’t have to say who it is.” She hesitated for a moment and said “yeah, I’m not in a position to comment on that at the moment.” The fact that she gave a very media-savvy answer seemed suspicious to me.

I’m just pissed they didn’t ask me to be the ring bear-er. (That’s me in a bear costume, delivering the ring — it’s a thing.)


Amanda Bynes won’t be charged with a crime. I don’t understand the law.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … prosecutors will NOT charge Amanda with trespass, arson or any other criminal offense in connection with Monday’s bizarre driveway blaze. We’re told cops and prosecutors view her conduct as non-criminal and rooted in mental illness. We’re told the cops almost immediately decided Amanda needed professional help — not punishment.

Also, Amanda Bynes’ parents are reportedly seeking a conservatorship over the actress and requesting her 72-hour psychiatric hold be extended for two weeks. Her parents and doctors are afraid her erratic behavior over the past several months are symptoms of schizophrenia. Here’s hoping she gets the help she needs.

And because I’m terrible at picking appropriate gifs, here’s this:


Lea Michele and Cory Monteith were very happy together during her Marie Claire cover shoot in Mexico.

Editor-in-Chief Ariadne Grant revealed:

“[She] showed another side of her personality, softer and more innocent on the interview when she got all excited with some questions. That side was even more evident when Cory showed up almost at the end of the session. She was very happy about him being there… They were both very nice and obviously happy and in love.”

So damn sad.


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