Jerry O'Connell Completely Understands Why Real Men Watch Bravo Was a Terrible Name For His Talk Show

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Some good news! Or good-ish news? I guess it’s just news. Whatever the case, Jerry O’Connell had some very woke and thoughtful things to say about his upcoming Bravo talk show’s recent naming controversy. The series—which is essentially Watch What Happens When Watch What Happens Live Is Hetero—was originally titled Real Men Watch Bravo, but was changed after considerable backlash to Play By Play.

In an interview with People, Mr. Romijn said:

“I do think [the backlash] was justified. You know, we were trying to make a joke, a play on the words Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York, so it was called the aforementioned title. And it doesn’t sound very inclusionary that title. You know, we all have Twitter accounts — and we heard everyone’s voices.”

That “play on the words Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is registering a 10 on the Bullshit Damage Control meter, but you know what? The title changed. We won. But, when it comes to a Jerry O’Connell talk show, it’s worth remembering the legendary tagline to Alien vs. Predator:


Jessica Chastain did not perform a quality background check on the dude she hired to direct her upcoming film Eve, Matthew Newton, and now The Daily Mail is publishing headlines like: ‘It’s especially concerning’: Time’s Up advocate Jessica Chastain is slammed for selecting Matthew Newton to direct film Eve following his history of alleged assault and domestic violence claims.

Writes The Guardian, a better source:

Newton has a history of alleged assault and domestic violence in his home country, dating back to 2007 when he pleaded guilty to physically assaulting his then girlfriend, the actor Brooke Satchwell, who is best known for her role in Neighbours.
In 2010 the Jessica Jones actor Rachael Taylor – then Newton’s fiance – alleged “two unprovoked assaults”, resulting in a two-year apprehended domestic violence order against him, which he was charged with breaching the following year.

I expect her to reverse this decision before today’s PM Dirt Bag.

[The Guardian]

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