Jessica Simpson Has Birthed a Baby Birdie

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Jessica Simpson has been pregnant for what genuinely seems like 15 years and I’m sure for her feels like even longer. But now, she is with no child no more, as she has birthed child.

Here is the child:

Indeed, on Tuesday Simpson and husband Eric Johnson welcomed their fifth family member, Birdie Mae Johnson, a 10 pound baby. I can’t even lift a 10 pound weight, let alone contemplate pushing 10 pounds of human out of me, so color me impressed/deeply terrified of ever making spawn.

Anyway, mazel tov to the Simpson-Johnsons. I look forward to seeing photos of Birdie Mae when she grows out of that just-born-squashed-old-man look.


As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, Rosario Dawson is dating Cory Booker, for some reason. But it turns out there was once a whole other Booker romance that might have been—and no, it’s not sleep.

Katie Couric told Wendy Williams on Wednesday that she once went on a blind date with Booker.

“He was really nice,” Couric said. They went to a New York Giants game. They did not kiss. She seems to be over it.

If anyone ever tried to take me on a blind date to a football game I would ghost them so fast their eyes would bleed, “really nice” rising Democratic star or not. But I suppose that is why Katie Couric is Katie Couric and I am a blogger who just ate the last of her roommate’s bread.


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