Jez Recs: The Pop Culture We Loved This Week

Including YouTube clips of a beloved '90s talk show, a novel about a 28-year-old divorcee, and a hotly anticipated final season premiere.

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Photo: TikTok/Getty Images/Macmillan

It’s the last weekend of March, which means April is next weekend, which means Memorial Day is pretty much any day now, which means, it’s almost basically summer. But we’ve still got a handful of gross, meh, non-80-degree weekends to trudge through before reaching the sunny promised land—and what better way to spend them than by indulging your eyes, ears, and brain in some quality, Jezebel-approved content?

This week, the Jez staff has a few nostalgic shows we think deserve a rewatch (or a rewatch in anticipation of a highly anticipated premiere this Sunday!), a few books (one humorous, one thrilling, and one a collection of essays), and a TikTok account that may change your entire outlook on bugs. Searching for an outdoor activity in March is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie, anyway.

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