Jezebel Invites You To Win A Hand Woven Bag From Etsy Designer Breagha.


Jezebel Bounty is back this week with an amazing handmade bag and bow. Have you been looking to replace that tote you received for Christmas? Today we’re giving away the Herringbone Harris No More bag and the Yellow Bow Peep from breagha.

To enter the contest, simply tweet a funny (or serious, if you want) caption, based on this cover shoot image, from the March issue of Vogue Spain. We will pick out the two best tweeted captions on Monday, and send the first winning tweet, based on time, the bag, and the second winning tweet, the bow from Etsy designer breagha.

Tweet a Caption

The Two Prizes

Herringbone Harris No More

Yellow Bow Peep

How to Enter

Submit your captions as a tweet using the hashtag #jezebelbounty. The deadline for contest entries is Monday, February 21st at 12 pm ET. We’ll pick a winner from tweets with the required hashtag, during the contest runtime, and notify them by direct message on Twitter. This means that you must be following @Jezebel on Twitter to be eligible. All standard Gawker contest rules apply, naturally.

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