Jodie Foster Supports Mel Gibson, Despite His "Dark Moment"

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  • In the October issue of MORE, Jodie Foster says she’s standing by Mel Gibson despite the abusive, racist phone rants because, “When you love a friend, you don’t abandon them when they are struggling.”
  • Foster, who directed Mel’s latest film The Beaver and co-stars as his wife, adds, “Of course, Mel is an undeniably gifted actor and director, and The Beaver is one of his most powerful and moving performances. But more importantly, he is and has been a true and loyal friend. I hope I can help him get through this dark moment.” [E!]
  • Janine Lindemulder claims that Jesse James abused her before their daughter Sunny was born and forced her to take a paternity test while she was pregnant. “He coldly said at the time ‘I was told that you slept with a n***er. I couldn’t believe he would say that and of course the tests proved that Sunny was his,” says Janine. “The truth is Jesse did not have much to do with Sunny when she was an infant and when he visited me in the hospital for the first time he taunted me that I ‘looked like shit’, and that our baby ‘looked like a boy.'” [Radar]
  • Janine also filed court documents today claiming that Sunny recently told her, “Sandy said that you lied to the police and that’s why you went to jail.” That sounds like a pretty reasonable answer to “why is Mommy in jail?” [TMZ]
  • In response to MediaTakeOut reporting that Kim Kardashian is dating Chris Brown, Kim literally Tweeted, “I literally laughed out loud at these dating rumors today! Come on now MTO… I literally can’t keep up anymore,not true!” [E!]
  • Paris Hilton was detained today by Japanese immigration officials and questioned “for hours” to determine whether she should be allowed to enter the country after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge. She was asked to stay at a hotel near the airport so authorities can continue questioning her on Wednesday. [AP]
  • After Lindsay Lohan‘s probation is revoked on Friday, she may be jailed for up to 30 days while waiting for a new hearing. Or rather, a regular person would end up in jail, but Lindsay probably won’t. [Radar]
  • Teresa Giudice‘s husband Joe, who was sentenced to 10 days in jail for driving with a suspended license, could get of in nine for good behavior. [Radar]
  • Police have impounded James Gandolfini‘s car because he was driving with a suspended license. [TMZ]
  • Wyclef Jean has officially abandoned Haitian politics to promote his new album. [USA Today]
  • Will Ferrell is trying to break the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of superheroes to promote the film Megamind. [AICN]
  • Aretha Franklin‘s son Eddie Franklin was severely beaten at a gas station last night and is undergoing surgery. [AP]
  • Simon Barney, the estranged husband of RHOOC‘s Tamra Barney, was arrested this morning on suspicion of domestic battery. He allegedly threw a trash can at her while arguing about their dog. [Us]
  • A source claims that Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen split because she’s a Scientologist and “Her religion was as important to her as their marriage, if not more … He could not get with it.” [Us]
  • The news we’ve all been waiting for: Selena Gomez is going to be Katy Perry for Halloween. [Just Jared]
  • Jersey Shore Pauly D will be wearing a “DJ Pauly D” costume. [Best Week Ever]
  • Bristol and The Situation‘s DWTS debut scored a 20 million viewer ratings victory. [Just Jared]
  • Headline of the Day: “Can James Franco Talk About Anything but Sex?” [E!]
  • Oprah Winfrey will voice an animated segment on the season premiere of Sesame Street. [AP]
  • Cher will do her last Las Vegas show on February 5, so you’d better hurry if you want tickets. [AP]
  • At the link, Conan O’Brien explains how to make the perfect sandwich. [N.Y. Mag]
  • In an interview with Mad Men‘s Cara Buono, she reveals that her character Faye is Jewish and explains her accent: “Matt [Weiner] wanted her to have a very slight New York accent that would slip out occasionally. I picked a very specific areas where it would come out, like if she got a little bit mad, or let her guard down a little bit. We’d get a little tiny glimpse into where she might be from.” [LAT]
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