John Boehner's Smoky Old Office Smells Like a Cancer Factory


On Sunday’s Meet the Press, brand new House Speaker Paul D. Ryan admitted that his office is, at least in one way, a very bad hotel: he can’t get the smell of cigarettes out of the room.

“They have these o-zone machines apparently, that you can detoxify the environment, but I’m gonna have to work on the carpeting in here,” the “health nut” told Todd. “You know if you ever go to a hotel room or get a rental car that’s been smoked in, that’s what this smells like.”

Last year, Ryan told Time that he made an effort to avoid Boehner because of his stink.

“I try to sit as far away from him as I can in meetings that I know are going to be stressful,” he said. “I just hate getting that smell in my clothes.”

In response to the dig, Boehner’s press secretary Michael Steel offered an unrelated opinion on the economy.

“The cost of everything from gas to groceries to dry cleaning has skyrocketed in the Obama economy,” he told The Huffington Post. “That’s why House Republicans are focused on jobs and pro-growth economic reforms.”


In the interview, Ryan also smugly responded to criticism he had received for demanding weekends free, while also denying millions paid family leave:

“Because I love my children and I want to be home on Sundays and Saturdays like most people doesn’t mean I’m for taking money from hardworking taxpayers to create a brand new entitlement program.”

“A lot of working people have to work on weekends,” Todd gently countered.

“Yeah, I work on weekends too, and I’ll be working on Saturdays like I do and Sundays are my family days. That was the point.”

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