John Hickenlooper Reflects About the Time He Watched a Porn With His Mother 


Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper revealed to a national audience on Wednesday that he watched Deep Throat with his mother. “I didn’t know what an X-movie was,” he said during a CNN Town Hall on Wednesday. “We thought it was a little naughty but we didn’t think it was that bad.” So he invited his mother out of an apparent sense of politeness, and then she accepted the invitation.

“I was sure that she [would] say no, I made a mistake,” he continued. “She said ‘I’d love to go’ because she didn’t want to be left alone in the house again. So I took my mother to see ‘Deep Throat.’”

Hickenlooper also told CNN’s Dana Bash that he would be willing to put a woman on his presidential ticket. How nice! Then he added, as though he had thought of something smart: “But how come we’re not asking, more often, the women, ‘Would you be willing to put a man on the ticket?’” A brave question!

Hickenlooper then laughed his dumb laugh. Odds are good that this man will not be president, though. This is The End. And Deep Throat to you all, but especially to John Hickenlooper.

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