Julia Fox, True Feminist, Insists She Only Dated Kanye to ‘Get Him Off Kim’s Case’

So what if the relationship also happened to propel her to fame? She was just distracting a fellow woman's unhinged ex-husband. Taking one for the team!

Julia Fox, True Feminist, Insists She Only Dated Kanye to ‘Get Him Off Kim’s Case’
Photo:Edward Berthelot (Getty Images)

Julia Fox was actually doing America’s princess, Kim Kardashian, a huge solid by dating Kanye “Ye” West earlier this year. And frankly, it’s rude of you to assume Fox would go out with the mega-famous, antisemitic rapper for any other reason besides supporting a fellow woman.

Fox says she was going to write about her relationship with West in her book, but decided to post a video on TikTok “for free,” so the masses could learn this critical information sooner: “The man was being normal around me,” she insisted of their brief romance.

Fox says that Ye had texting her, but she wasn’t responding. Apparently dating celebrities can be a bit of a yawn. (I wouldn’t know.) But the fashionista said she has a lot of “love” for the “big three” Kardashians, and especially Kim—so she had an idea. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, Kanye’s yelling at me, like, what do I do?’” she said. “But then I had this thought, and I was like, oh my God, maybe I can get him off Kim’s case. Like, maybe I can distract him and just get him to like me. And I knew if anyone can do it, it’s me.”

And the rest is history: Fox attended Ye’s style bootcamp to obliterate her personal sense of style before they could be seen together in public. Ye was off social media at the time, according to Fox, and apparently that made him seem like a relatively well-adjusted man. But then the rapper started posting again, at which point Fox decided she was “out,” later declaring, “I wasn’t in love with the man.”

By the time the pair’s relationship dissolved in February, Ye was exhibiting stalking-like behaviors. To name a few: West posted details about the pair’s custody fight online; published a song about how he wants to beat up Kardashian’s then boyfriend; publicly demanded she return while performing at a benefit concert; sent a truck with the phrase “MY VISION IS KRYSTAL KLEAR” painted on the side with a bed full of flowers to her home for Valentine’s Day; posted and deleted paparazzi photos of Kardashian and her boyfriend, again threatening him; and repeatedly shared screenshots of his private communication with reality star.

Ye has only gotten more unhinged since Fox left him. Most recently, his behavior resulted in losing his billionaire status, because people don’t want to work with an antisemitic asshole.

Fox, to her credit, doesn’t want to date one either. “That being said, I stand with the Jewish community. Period,” Fox said at the end of the video.

I’m sure Kim thanks her for her service.

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