Juror B37 Says She'd Be Fine With Zimmerman in Her Neighborhood Watch


Juror B37 — the one who hates the media, called Trayvon “a boy of color”, and already has a high powered literary agent — just sat down with Anderson Cooper to answer questions about the trial. It’s… well, what you would expect.

She says some pretty upsetting stuff, much of it about Rachel Jeantel not being a credible witness, and referring to Trayvon and Rachel as “these people” and “their way of life”. Uh, did you mean teenagers? Say what you mean, woman.

She also says things like “George said” and “George believed” and “George’s rendition…” — which is interesting, considering he never testified. Further insight into the prosecution’s effort — which is looking weaker and weaker the more we learn.

“I think he just didn’t know when to stop. He was frustrated and things just got out of hand,” she says of Zimmerman. I’m no legal eagle, but isn’t that manslaughter? And, perhaps the most telling of all is when she says she’d be comfortable with Zimmerman on her neighborhood watch… now.

Anyway, here’s snippets of the shitshow, and we’ll replace with the whole thing when we have it:

Oh yeah, and did we mention that she has a lit agent and is planning to write a book about the trial with her attorney husband? Because there’s that.

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