Just What Nobody Wanted: Ed Sheeran Joins Nicki Minaj-Taylor Swift Feud

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Ed, Ed, Ed. I know you and Taylor Swift are friends, I know you love going on her friend dates with her and Calvin, and I know you will probably defend her until your dying breath. You’re a really Nice Guy—we get it—but please let your friend handle this situation alone. Be quiet. Don’t comment. Otherwise, you end up saying things like this:

“I think everyone knows that Taylor has done nothing wrong in that situation. She didn’t nominate herself for the awards. She just made some good videos and people think they’re good…I think the Minaj point is a bit redundant…Her point is that you have to be skinny and white to get a Video of the Year nomination, but Beyoncé’s ‘7/11’ is in there, and that is celebrating the female figure in every form.”

And then, after saying silly and ignorant things like that, you tweet corrections that complicate things even further:

OK, delete Twitter from your phone, Ed. Taylor and Nicki (and Katy) can take it from here.


The saga continues. We’ve gone from he said, to she said, to another she said. And today we’re back to she said. Sources are claiming Miranda Lambert felt Blake Shelton “abandoned” her for The Voice, and that his work on the show was another reason for their divorce. While she constantly flew to LA to visit him during filming, he “rarely reciprocated by coming to Oklahoma or wherever she was working.” All that travel to Los Angeles (“a place she hates”) was “no way to live.”

Do you think she and Christina Aguilera got along? I sort of do.


After four months together, Calvin Harris is ready to introduce Taylor Swift to his parents. A source says “they’re planning a trip to the U.K. with a few days in Scotland.”

I’m getting chills just thinking about their first dinner together. Taylor picking at her haggis, saying things like, “You know my cat is Scottish. Well, technically. She was born in America, though.” There are minutes of complete silence, until finally Mrs. Harris finishes her third glass of wine and says, “So are you gonna explain why you treated Ms. Minaj like that on the internet?” Calvin tries to step in and calm everyone down, but she keeps going. “And why’d you have to write a whole flippin’ song abot that Perry girl, anyway? What’d she ever do to you? I mean, really.

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