Justin Bieber Spraypaints 'Free Breezy' on a Wall in Colombia

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In support of his pal Chris Brown—who checked into anger management treatment on Tuesday—Justin Bieber created some street art on a wall in Colombia. Inside of a hot pink arrow, Bieber scrawled, “FREE BREEZY” in spray paint. So. I’m sure the people of Colombia will…get right on that.

The singer, who was spotted practicing his street art technique in Colombia, gave his musician pal (and fellow graffiti artist) Chris Brown a shout out on the wall. Inside of a pink arrow on the wall, Biebs spray-painted the words “Free Breezy” in red, referring to the 24-year-old singer checking into rehab for anger management on Tuesday, Oct. 29.

Because, apparently, seeking treatment for a dangerous and life-altering mental issue is just like prison, and we should definitely “free” people from ever taking responsibility for their behavior and changing their lives for the better! Cool advice, manchild! But that had to have just been a moment of poor judgment motivated by loyalty to his friend—I’m sure Bieber didn’t do anything else insensitive that day.

J.B., who was in South America for his Believe Tour, also spray painted “RIP PAC,” a tribute to his pet hamster he named in the late rapper’s honor.

Oh, for fuck’s sake. [E!]

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