Kanye Says His Pete Davidson Video Was ‘Therapy’

Yet again, West has some thoughts about how he's handling ex Kim Kardashian's new relationship.

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Kanye Says His Pete Davidson Video Was ‘Therapy’
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Therapy comes in all sorts of forms: For some, it’s sobbing into a stranger’s cleavage while on mushrooms. For others, like Kanye West, it’s making a wild music video about your soon-to-be-ex-wife’s new boyfriend.

Over the weekend, Ye defended his newest music video for a song called Eazy, a collaboration with The Game, on Instagram by claiming:

“Art is therapy just like this view. art is protected as freedom of speech. art inspires and simplifies the world. Art is not a proxy for any ill or harm. Any suggestion otherwise about my art is false and mal intended.”

If you’ve somehow avoided the video in the last few days, it features a claymation depiction of Pete Davidson—aka the latest Mr. Kim Kardashian—who gets kidnapped, bound, and then buried alive. At one point, Ye raps: “God saved me from that crash just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass.” As though the whole thing couldn’t get any more fucked up, Ye doubles down by putting cards at the end of the video that read, “EVERYONE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER / EXCEPT SKETE YOU KNOW WHO.”

Davidson is apparently handling this truly misguided form of therapy with grace. A source told ET Online that Davidson “finds the fact that Kanye included a cartoon version of him in his music video hysterical” and “is almost flattered by it all because it is so ridiculous to him.” The source also added that Davidson “is not threatened by Kanye in any way, shape or form.” Okay, Pete!!!

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