Karrueche Tran Is Pretty Excited to Be Done With New Daddy Chris Brown

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Karrueche Tran and human rage hemorrhoid Chris Brown are done, and the former girlfriend of Canada’s public enemy #1 is actually pretty okay with the fact that she never has to see or hear from America’s Best Boyfriend ever again.

According to TMZ, Tran was shocked to find out that Brown was the father of a baby and while Brown tried to smooth the situation over (do you think he left her a singing voicemail? I bet he is just the type of dude who would do that, all singing out her name sadly — Karrrruueeeeeccheeeyyeeeaaaaahhhhhyeahyeah — in an attempt to win her back) Tran ignored his calls and went about her life. Now, a source tells the gossip site that Tran isn’t really that upset that her relationship with Brown is over and is “relieved” because it gives her a “clean” and “permanent” out. That is, of course, until the delusional idiots who make up Team Breezy (is that how you spell it? I know I should check that but I don’t feel like giving Brown the time?) get a hold of her. Hopefully they’ll focus on making Brown theirs and rip him to shreds trying to get a piece (Pefumestyle) instead of attacking his ex.

Anyway, best of luck to everyone involved in this mess except Chris Brown. He is just the worst. #fairandbalanced. [TMZ]


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Happy Wednesday! I will always love youuuuuu ::shrieks angrily:: (Skip to 2:15, 3:24 but the whole thing is phenomenal!)

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