Kate Middleton Appears in Public, Manages Not to Barf on Anyone

Welcome back, Kate! The Duchess of Cambridge, who hasn’t appeared in public since her pregnancy and horrific morning sickness were announced, stepped out today to greet the President of Singapore. She did not upchuck. I wonder if she had crisps stashed in that clutch?

E! notes that Kate has missed several engagements in recent weeks, including a solo state visit to Malta. But she made a morning welcome ceremony for Tony and Mary Tan, as well as an evening event at London’s Natural History Museum. “I’ve been looking forward to getting out of the house, that’s for sure,” she reportedly told Mrs. Tan. God help the poor woman, she’s probably spent the last month hurling and exchanging frosty stares with the Queen about the new drapes in their Kensington Palace apartments. Hang in there, Shinylocks.

Photos via Getty.

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