Katy Perry Is Wearing Less Makeup Than Ever in New Cover Girl Campaign


It’s a big day for Katy Perry. Not only did she announce that she is now the new spokesmodel of Cover Girl (what about your Popchips, Katy? WHAT ABOUT YOUR POPCHIPS???), but she also had two songs from her upcoming album Prism leak on the internet. The timing, I’m sure, was a total coincidence.

It’s funny that KP’s Cover Girl ad — which, ostensibly, is meant to sell makeup — show her wearing way less face than we’re used to seeing her in. (Not to say she doesn’t look easy, breezy, light and beautiful. She does! And if the point of the ad to make me want her nail polish, eye color and jewelry, than it’s working. I want it. Give it to me.)

And here’s the leaked track for “Unconditionally.”

And “Birthday” — which, yes, does include the line “So let me get you in your birthday suit/It’s time to breakout the big balloons.”

Enjoy! Or don’t. Variety in opinion helps make life exciting.

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