Ke$ha Says Something That Isn't Eyeroll-Inducing


Now that we’re about 3 months into Phase 2 of The Ke$ha Machine’s unstoppable march into the collective American consciousness, most devotees of pop culture are likely used to hearing Ke$ha say things that are stupid, and then rolling our eyes at those things.

Thus, it’s surprising and a little shocking, and possibly disturbing to hear the human embodiment of Oscar the Grouch’s girlfriend Grungetta say something that makes sense.

Her massive-selling debut album, Animal was among a few noteworthy omissions from this year’s Grammy nods, and while I’m not sure I’d argue that the album deserved to be nominated, one could probably make a case that a lot of shitty but popular music gets nominated for a golden gramophone and that there isn’t anything markedly more shitty about Ke$ha than, say, Sheryl Crow circa 1995. In response to being asked about the snub, The Glittery Goblin admitted that she was “disappointed,” but that she hadn’t been around for very long, and added,

“I’m friends with the Black Keys, and they were nominated for the first time this year and they’ve been around for a decade. That’s like half my life, so I really can’t be a brat about it.
I plan on making a lot more records, and hopefully one of them will be Grammy-worthy.”

I hate it when musical artists who suck say smart things. It makes me want to reward her with my patronage. Maybe I should calm down by brushing my teeth with a bottle of Jack Daniels and rolling around in a pile of garbage until I stop thinking crazy thoughts.

Ke$ha “Disappointed” By Grammy Snub
[Digital Spy]

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