Keira, Carey Dazzle In London


For those of us who love Ishiguro’s novel and find Andrew Garfield handsome, the worldwide premieres of Never Let Me Go are a big deal. And, of course, its female stars always take fashion risks. Especially on home turf…

Ella Purnell balances sweet shapes with glossy black.

While this Chanel confection is objectively weird, it’s hard not to admire the chutzpah! Not to mention the workmanship.

A back view.

Ruth Wilson goes for both a flashy jacket and a statement shoe: who will win?

Sandra Hebron pulls a Scarlett O’Hara. In which case, this is pretty ingenious!

It’s too bad, in Gillian Anderson‘s case, that the drapes she had to use were so unfortunate.

You’d think Daniela Lavender (with hubby Sir Ben) would want to rock her signature color, always, like a cartoon character. But maybe that gets old.

Isobel Meikle Small, who plays young Carey, looks eerily like her. And goes all Victorian doll on us!

Like we said: Andrew Garfield is one dapper clone.

Carey Mulligan’s amazing dress is one of hr favorites, Vionnet.

[Images via Getty]

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