KFC Manager Arrested After Staging World's Dumbest Fake Robbery

In Depth

A KFC manager in Chattanooga, Tennessee is now under arrest after confessing to staging perhaps the most ill-conceived, half-assed robbery ever.

Around noon on Tuesday, Fellen Hayes left the KFC she was managing to bring the store’s deposit bag (with all of $1300 in it) to the bank. She claimed that while waiting for her cousin to come pick her up and drive her to the bank, a tall black man* had taken the bag at gunpoint. However, when police could locate no cousin (it’s unclear if Hayes was even able to provide a name), Hayes quickly confessed that she’d handed the money off to an accomplice and faked the whole thing.

Pro-tip: if you’re going to steal from your employers, think things through just a little bit better, because I guarantee the first question they’re going to ask if you tell them “I left the store and poof, the money disappeared” is going to be “well, did you take it?” You probably want to have a better answer prepared for that scenario than “…well, shit.”

* For what it’s worth, Hayes is herself African-American, so when looking to stage a fake crime, apparently it’s not just white people who use the “a big black guy did it” defense.

Image via Radu Bercan/Shutterstock.

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