Kid Fury and Crissle Say 'Nice' Things About Kellyanne Conway, Azealia Banks, and Other Hated Figures

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When it comes to being critiqued, the hosts of the podcast The Read, Kid Fury and Crissle, think Beyoncé does it best—by ignoring it. “Criticism, for her, is like putting a flyer on someone’s car when they’re in a grocery store,” Kid Fury tells Jezebel. “Yeah, I’m actually not even going to look at that. I’m just going to keep going,” Crissle adds.

Fans of their podcast are used to the duo shading pop culture’s most controversial figures, but with their new Friday night Fuse show, viewers can experience the same fuckery—just faster. “We will be really cutting down on the amount of time we spend going off on tangents and bullshitting about nothing,” says Crissle.

In the spirit of new beginnings, Jezebel asked them to do the impossible: Say nice things about some of the most hated figures in politics and entertainment.

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